Word of ‘God’

In the beginning Goddard created beer…

Our founder Anthony is affectionally known as ‘God’ around these parts. He’s also known to have one or two opinions that he’s want to share.

It seemed like the perfect name for our news blog.

Steak & Ale Pie Goddards

Steak and Ducks Folly Ale Pie

A while back we collaborated with J.Wilkinsons to create a tasty treat. Goddards Brewery had collaborated with local family business J.Wilkinson’s, who specialise in pork pies and other tasty savoury treats,... read more →
Quarr Abbey Ale goddards Isle of Wight

BBI Diploma for Quarr Abbey Ale

We’re delighted that Quarr Abbey Ale has just been awarded the British Bottlers’ Institute Diploma in the Best Ale ABV 6.0%-7.4% category of this year’s BBI Drinks Competition. The organiser... read more →
Goddards Brewery bottling plant Isle of Wight

Bottle up!

We started bottling our beers way back in January 1995. Sales that month? Just 4 cases of Fuggle-Dee-Dum ! This rose to a majestic 39 cases in February. Since then... read more →
Goddards & Yates Brewery

Keeping it local…

We love working closely with other local producers here on the Isle of Wight and are excited to be able to work with none other than Yates, another well-respected Island... read more →
From grain to glass, Goddards

From Grain to Glass

Taste of the Wight are not one to turn down the chance to learn more about beer, so we invited them for a behind the scenes tour of our brewery... Here's what... read more →

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