Cask, Keg or Bottle

Cask, Keykeg or Bottle

Priding ourselves on serving you the best quality beer, our beers are either available to purchase in Cask, KeyKeg or Bottle – please check our individual beers for availability.


Barrels, GoddardsAll our Classic Beers (and Seasonal when available) are available in 9gallon casks. You can also check availability for our 4.5gallon pins by contacting the team on 01983 611011.


Our 30litre (52pint) keyKegs are just one way we are ensuring we are doing our little bit for the environment as they are recyclable, whilst maintaining our fantastic quality.

KeyKegs have a lifespan of up to 12 months before tapping, have an increased shelf life after tapping of 4 to 6 months; light and easy to handle; and they are an environmentally friendly one way keg.

As the KeyKegs become more popular, we are using OneCircle to recycle our KeyKegs. Used plastic KeyKegs are made into the raw materials for new one-way kegs. The plastic KeyKegs are collected, broken down, sorted and then processed.


All our Classic beers (Ale of Wight, Starboard!, Wight Squirrel and Fuggle Dee Dum) and Duck’s Folly are available in 500ml bottles, available to buy in cases of 12 bottles from our online shop! You can also find our vegan and gluten free lager, as well as our Speciality Beer, Quarr Abbey, available to buy in cases of 24 x 330ml bottles!